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SaafConsult evaluating Renewable Energy Project in Palestinian Rural Areas

SaafConsult has been appointed by IUCN ROWA and the OPEC Fund for International Development to assess implementation and performance of the “Introducing Renewable Energy to Combat Poverty and Improve Livelihoods and Environmental Conservation in Palestinian Rural Areas” Project. SaafConsult has prepared an evaluation work and debriefed about its findings IUCN ROWA in order to ensure that this project will improve the economic well-being of Palestinian men and women and decrease environmental degradation while enhancing environmental conservation at large.

SaafConsult through its partner dev~consult, was awarded parts of the review of the Water Governance Domain for the period 2010 – 2018 in Pakistan

SaafConsult has been asked by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) to review and to derive learned lessons from the SDC’s program in the domain of Water Governance since the year 2010/11 (post-flood 2010) in Pakistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and merged districts. The review evaluated how three projects in the fields of Water Governance and Local State-Building contributed to increasing the resilience of the water and sanitation sector and the Pakistani population.

SaafConsult for the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development

SaafConsult has been asked to support overall coordination of WWF’s input on proposal development for the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development. SaafConsult had coordinated and collected organizational data of WWF NL, identified the required information and documentation and processed content contributions and concepts by the conservation department. Through this SaafConsult supported the role of the WWF NL team, while guiding progress and crosschecking interim products to ensure consistency.

SaafConsult provides a team leader for a programming process in Jordan

SaafConsult has been contracted by a member of the framework contract consortium FWC SIEA 2018- LOT 1: Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience, led by SOGEROM SA. In this context we are providing a team leader for the “Support to Joint Programming” contract for the European Union Delegation in Amman, Jordan. The Joint Humanitarian Development Framework (JHDF) is the EU’s process to align humanitarian and development cooperation projects. In Jordan, it is the vehicle to shape a more comprehensive EU response to the impact of the Syria crisis in  addresses both the humanitarian, mid-term and development priorities in the country.

SaafConsult to develop a proposal for use of water hyacinth waste for paper production

SaafConsult has been invited to develop a proposal for the Blue Gold Innovation Fund in Bangladesh. We are currently developing a proposal for use of water hyacinth waste for paper production, in cooperation with the Kumudini Welfare Trust. Water hyacinth is a serious impediment to flow in the canals. By harvesting the hyacinth and using it for paper production an incentive is created to clean canals and ponds, hence improving flow. The pilot will explore market options for the paper, and the production options.

SaafConsult to assist the Municipality of Mopti

SaafConsult has been contracted by the Netherlands Enterprise agency to assist the Municipality of Mopti in developing a functional system for the drainage of its rain and sewage water, and for tackling solid waste. The local government is interested in a sustainable solution for improving the livelihoods in the southern part of Mopti. Two studies, carried out by Care International (2014) and RoyalHaskoningDHV (2017), provide information on the baseline situation and a list of alternative solutions. The objective of the project is in line with the priorities of climate and water of the Develop2Build Strategic Plan and could in the future lead to the deployment of Dutch knowledge and expertise in the field.

SaafConsult to support the Dutch Risk Reduction (DRR) scoping mission to Niger

SaafConsult has been asked to provide a team leader for the Dutch Risk Reduction (DRR) scoping mission to Niger to look at the water distribution management for the middle part of the Niger River. Studies on climate variability in West Africa show a significant decrease in both the amount of annual rainfall and the duration of the rainy season since some decades. This is impacting water availability in Niger, and more specifically in the Niger River. The main objective of the mission is to assess and advise on the possibilities to manage the decreasing water flow in both Mali and Niger.

(fot. Alberto D’Ottavi; CC-BY)

SaafConsult’s Managing Director appointed as strategic water advisor for Mali

Ele Jan Saaf – SaafConsult’s Managing Director and Senior Consultant – has been appointed as strategic water advisor for Mali. Ele Jan will provide inputs and support to the Netherlands Water Partnership and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the development of regional/multi-year plans for water resources management in Mali, and will be the linking pin between the mission in Mali and the Dutch Water Sector.

SaafConsult is a member of the Oxfam NOVIB network “entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs”

SaafConsult has become a member of the Oxfam NOVIB network “entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs” (ondernemers voor ondernemers). Through this network we donate money for microfinance activities in Africa aimed at supporting budding companies and ventures. As a social entrepreneur we believe it is our task to use some of our profit to support other, and we are a strong believer in the potential of the private sector.

SaafConsult to identify projects for water, energy and food security in the MENA

SaafConsult has been asked by a national government agency to assist with the identification of projects for water, energy and food security in the MENA (Middle East – North Africa) region. SaafConsult has a long track record in the MENA region, and is proud to be selected on the basis of its track record and solid performance. We have worked with international and regional NGOs and donors on water management for peace and cooperation in the region for many years, and hope to be able to contribute to this process further in the coming decennia.