SAM Registration SaafConsult B.V.
21st Nov, 2013



SaafConsult B.V. is very happy to announce that we are now active in the U.S. federal government’s System for Award Management (SAM).


The CCR was the primary supplier database for the U.S. Federal Government until July 30, 2012. The CCR collected data from suppliers, validated and stored this data, and disseminated it to various government acquisition agencies. On July 30, 2012, the CCR transitioned to the System for Award Management  (SAM)

Users of SAM include contracting officials, grant-makers, contractors, and the public. Those required to register in SAM include:


  • Vendors and subcontractors: Those doing business with the federal government "will be able to log into one system to manage their entity information in one record, with one expiration date, through one streamlined business process. Federal agencies will be able to look in one place for entity pre-award information. Everyone will have fewer passwords to remember and see the benefits of data reuse as information is entered into SAM once and reused throughout the system."
  • Grant-seekers and grantees: "Active SAM registration is a pre-requisite to the successful submission of grant applications!