USAID Community Engagement Project
29th Dec, 2013


Loay Hidmi, SaafConsult Water and Sanitation Director, was retained to work as a Short term Environmental Engineer on the USAID Community Engagement Project.  The project is implemented by Global Communities (formerly Cooperative Housing Foundation, CHF), along with the local Sub-Grant recipient, Al Jidara. 

The program focuses on building the capacity of NGOs and citizens to identify stressors in communities, particularly those affecting community cohesion, and to increase the efforts of citizens and NGOs to engage with government to jointly develop and implement solutions to address those challenges. The program is comprised of three primary components: 1) Expand NGO, community organization, professional association and government efforts to build resilience and address cohesion-related challenges; 2) Increase civil society-government-private sector cooperation in building resilience and addressing cohesion-related challenges; and 3) Strengthen skills and build other capacity relevant to community and national cohesion.
Loay Hidmi is tasked to:
  • Prepare a report clearly describing and detailing USAID environmental requirements for projects, with particular emphasis on the types of projects USAID CEP will most likely implement, such as the following: rehabilitation of building structures, including schools; new building construction; repair of roads and sidewalks; re-paving existing paved roads; paving dirt roads; building new roads; building pedestrian bridges; solid waste clean-up campaigns; construction of parks and football fields; etc. The report should also identify any additional GOJ environmental requirements that are not covered by USAID requirements – stating these separately.
  • Train select staff on environmental requirements. 
  • Conduct environmental assessments, including completing the environmental checklist, for 7 municipality project proposals and 9 CET project proposals. 
  • Provide training to NGOs awarded grants during the second round of NGO grants. 
  • Prepare of Environmental Manuel and final Environmental impact check list.