Great start of the year with new projects in Turkey, Ethiopia, Jordan and Egypt
19th Feb, 2014

This year started very well with many new assignments! 

We started this year to work on the following projects:


Turkey: Support the Project Cycle Management training for emerging development cooperation providers in Turkey (UNDP)


Jordan: Nature Driven Tourism Assessment (USAID, SaafConsult is working together with Al Jidara)


Ethiopia: Final Performance Evaluation of Water Hygiene Sanitation Transformation for Enhanced Resiliency in Ethiopia



Jordan: Enhancing Sustainable Groundwater Management In An Arid Area By The Application Of Temporal Monitoring

Schemes (Ministry of Water and Irrigation, Jordan - together with Egis Eau and Image Eau)


Egypt: Study on the water-energy-food Security nexus in Egypt (GiZ - SaafConsult works together with NSCE and Euroconsult

Mott McDonald)


For more information on these projects and our role, please check the 'Middle East and Africa' page on our website.