Project:                Support to WASH sector in Bangladesh


     Client:                  Stichting Simavi








       Project:                Design Of Regional Civil Society Strategy and Fund For The South


                                   Asia Water Governance Programme (SAWGP)



       Client:                  DFID



       Country:               South Asia



       Period:                 November 2013 – January 2014



       Services:              Develop a framework for support to the regional civil society under


                                   SAWGP and a development of a detailed design of the strategy and


                                   the modalities for how the Strategic Fund, which is envisaged to


                                              help strengthen regional civil society, will work in practice.




Project:                Appraisal of the potential for Dutch water business to invest and

                            participate in the water and waste water sector in Pakistan (DGIS)


Country:              Pakistan


Client:                  DGIS


Period:                 1-2/2013


Services:              Team Leader for appraisal of the potential for the Dutch water business in the water

                             and waste water sector in Pakistan





Project:                 Evaluation of two completed project in the social sector: Socio-economic stabilization

                             of geographically and socially isolated communities in Mongolia and preparation and

                             introduction of study program social work


Client:                   Czech Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Country:               Mongolia


Period:                 May 2012 – August 2012


       Services:              Evaluation of projects





       Project:                 Drinking Water Tariff Research and Development of the

Tajikistan Water Supply and Sanitation Project (TAJWSS).


Client:                   SDC


Country:               Tajikistan


Period:                  August 2012 – October 2012


Services:              To review Tajikistan national, and relevant international, drink water tariff practices

                             and develop a set of recommendations to present to members of the TAJWSS

                             network and for potential implementation in 2 pilot districts.





Project:                 Planning of Completion Phase for The Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in

                             Western Nepal


Client:                   Finnish Consulting Group


Country:               Nepal


Period:                 August - September 2012


Services:              International Climate Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Natural Resources

                             Management Adviser





Project:                  Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement and Agricultural Development  



Client:                    Asian Development Bank/EGIS Eau


Country:                Pakistan


Period:                  November 2011 and February 2012


Services:               Provision of a gender and social development expert




Project:                 Water Programme


Client:                   LEAD Pakistan


Country:                Pakistan


Period:                  November 2011 – November 2012


Services:              Provision of technical assistance.





Project:                  Support to WWF-Pakistan in development of international best  

 practice recommendations for water policy reform and water  

 governance, including applications for the Indus Basin.


Client:                    WWF UK/WWF PAK


Country:                 Pakistan


Period:                   8/2010 – 10/2009


Services:               Provision of technical assistance on environmental flow, policy and  

                                     water governance





      Project:                  World Summit on Sustainable Development, Plan of Implementation for Pakistan for

                                    Water and Sanitation – Pakistan Environmental Programme (PEP)


Client:                   Ministry of Environment Pakistan/IUCN/ RNE


Country:               Pakistan


Period:                  5/2004 – 8/2004


Services:              Consultancy to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) for the

                             Environmental Wing of the Ministry of Environment on preparation of a detailed plan

                             for implementation of recommendations of the World Summit for Sustainable

                             Development as related to Water and Environment, specifically Water Supply and

                             Sanitation, Integrated Water Resource Management, Integrated Coastal Area and

                             River Basin Management and water governance.





Project:                 Appraisal of Raitong Organic Rice Farming Enterprise located in Sisaket, for possible

                             investments from the in-company equity fund RENEW.


Client:                   RENEW-Fund


Country:               Thailand


Period:                 1/2009


Services:              Assessment and financial planning





Project:                 Lessons Learned in Post-Crisis Recovery Monitoring: 3rd Regional Tsunami

                             Recovery Impact Assessment and Monitoring System (TRIAMS) Workshop


Client:                   International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


Country:               Thailand


Period:                 2/2009


Services:              Minutes and analysis





Project:                  Red Cross Monitoring and Evaluation Summit


Client:                    International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


Country:                Thailand


Period:                   3/2009


Services:               Development of a report for the American Red Cross M&E meeting from 18-20

                             March   2009, and development of a wiki-based report for the American Red Cross

                             M&E workshop from 15-17 September 2009.





Project:                 Himalayan Region Water and Nature Initiative of the World Conservation Union



Client:                   World Conservation Union (IUCN)


Countries:             Himalayan Region


Period:                  10/2006-7/2007


Services:               Provision of a regional coordinator; main tasks included coordination of works of 12

                              partners (other IUCN offices, research organisations, NGOs) in Bangladesh, India,

                              Pakistan, Nepal and China, monitoring of progress, synthesis of outputs and

                              finalisation of outputs.





Project:                 Cenral Karakoram National Park through the Hindu-Kush-Karakoram-Himalaya

                             partnership of the World Conservation Union (IUCN), Ev-K2-CNR, ICIMOD and



Client:                   IUCN Pakistan


Countries:            Pakistan


Period:                 November 2007- February 2008


Services:              Provision of a natural resource management expert





Project:                 Provision of a Water Resources Management Specialist for “Study III –

                             Environmental Concerns of the Four Provinces”.


Client:                   Government of Pakistan


Country:               Pakistan


Period:                 January to May 2005


Services:              Provided intermittent inputs on institutional aspects of water resource management

                             and environmental flows.






Project:                Water Programme


Client:                  IUCN


Country:               Pakistan


Period:                 March to November 2006


Services:              Provision of a consultant to the World Conservation Union (IUCN) for the

                             development of a National Water Programme for Pakistan. Main focus was on

                             application of the ecosystems and livelihoods approach of IUCN within the framework

                             of contemporary issues in the water sector in Pakistan.





       Project:                 Sustainable Cotton Initiative of the World Wide Fund for Nature.


Client:                   WWF/IKEA


Country:                India/Pakistan


Period:                  July – August 2005


Services:              Provision of a consultant for the development of a Monitoring and

                             Evaluation system for the projects in India and Pakistan





Project:                 Review mission for the EC-Indian State Partnership Programme for Rajasthan


Client:                   EC


Country:               India


Period:                 11/2007 – 12/2007


Services: -           Coordination of inputs of three consultants;

    - Liaison with the clients;

         - Inputs on water resources and water supply management;

    - Inputs on rural development;

         - Reporting;

    - Facilitation of workshop.





Project:                 Wastewater Dao Xa Village


Client:                   Trilateral funding (i) Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  (ii) the Royal Netherlands

                             Embassy in Hanoi, and (iii) the Department of Natural Resources and the

                             Environment (DONRE) in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam


Country:               Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam


Period:                  6/2008 – 12/2008


Services:              This project sought to serve as a demonstration model for domestic wastewater

                             treatment and agricultural re-use in the Phong Khe village (Dao Xa commune, Bac

                             Ninh province), a paper producing / recycling village about an hour and a half outside

                             present day Hanoi, through the use of bioremediation. The main objective of the

                             consultancy was to provide external feedback and advice on the project and its

                             objectives, based on in-field observation.





Project:                 UNEP Environmental Programme


Client:                   UNEP Rome


Countries:             South-East Asia


Period:                  2010


Services:              Development of a full multi-year $5 million UNEP proposal for the development of

                             highland-lowland partnerships for climate change adaptation and disaster risk

                             reduction for communities and biodiversity in the Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Karakorum

                             and Pamirs (Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Kygyzstan).





Project:                 A joint biochar assessment with the Sea East Asia Biochar Interest Group for FAO-

                             RAP in Yunnan Province, China.


Client:                   FAO-RAP


Countries:             China


Period:                  August – October 2010


Services:               Assessment





Project:                Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program Institutional and Financial

                            Consultancy for Wind Power


Client:                  GTZ


Countries:            Pakistan


Period:                 1/2006 - 2/2006


Services:              Provision of a consultant for an institutional and financial review of the wind power

                                      sector in Pakistan.





Project:                 Evaluation of the implementation of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Pakistan

                             Program and provision of strategic recommendations for future programmatic

                             interventions in the Northern Areas, as well as the re-invigoration of high-level

                             government talks on the WCS-led Pamirs Transboundary Park initiative.


Client:                   World Conservation Society


Countries:             Pakistan


Period:                  March to December 2010


Services:               Ex-post evaluation





Project:                 Project Financing Seminar for Investments in Alternative Energy


Client:                   S&K Global Invest 


Countries:             Pakistan


Period:                  11/2004 - 3/2005


Services:              On behalf of S&K Global Invest a project financing seminar for environmental

                             infrastructure (including hydropower and wind power) was organised at the

                             Islamabad Serena Hotel. Main sponsors of the seminar were Bolan Bank, Saudi Pak

                             bank, The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Pakistan Exploration Ltd. and Air Blue.

                             Papers were presented by ADB, Sohaib Qadar and Ass. & S&K Global Invest.





Project:                 Strategic Country Environmental Assessment


Client:                   World Bank


Countries:             Pakistan


Period:                  03/2005 - 5/2005


       Services:               (i) an overview of Pakistan’s principal environmental challenges, (ii) an evaluation of

                                    environmental policies and institutions, (iii) an evaluation of policy development and

                                    implementation effectiveness in selected key areas (EIA, urban air quality and water

                                    supply and sanitation), and (iv) recommendations to improve policy development and

                                    implementation effectiveness.