Project:                Development of the transboundary climate change adaptation strategy for the

                            Danube Delta – “Climate proofing the Danube Delta through integrated land and

                            water management


Client:                  WWF


Country:               Romania, Moldova and Ukraine


Period:                 January 2013 – May 2013


       Services:              Development of the transboundary climate change adaptation strategy





Project:                 Evaluation of two projects in the sector: General Environment protection - Flood

                             Prevention/ Control: Monitoring and Flood Protection in the catchment of the river

                             Reut (completed in 2008) and Flood Warning System in the Catchment of the River  



Client:                   Czech Republic, Ministry of Foreign Affairs


Country:               Moldova


Period:                 September 2012 – November 2012


Services:              Evaluation of projects




       Project:                  Evaluation of the WWF Danube-Carpathian Programme Project “Danube Delta: a

                                     natural gateway to Europe, economy and ecology in harmony”. Main task was      

                                     linkages  to EU Water Framework Directive, NATURA 2000 framework and overall

                                     quality  control.


Client:                    WWF- Danube-Carpathian Programme


Countries:              Romania & Ukraine


Period:                   8 -9 / 2009


Services:                Coordinator




Project:                 Evaluation of the “One Europe-More Nature” project of WWF-International. Main

                             focus of the project was to develop business mechanisms to foster nature



Client:                   WWF International


Countries:             Hungary, Romania and Spain


Period:                  5-7/2009


Services:               Ex-ante evaluation




Project:                 Institutional Development Expert for the preparation of a Public Relations Action Plan

                             for Vodovod I Kanalizacija (Water and Wastewater Utility) in Prilep.


Client:                   KfW Development Bank


Country:               FYR Macedonia


Period:                 11-12/2006


Services:              Within the framework of the above project, consultancies were provided for the

                            preparation and implementation of a Public Relations Action Plan for ViK Prilep.




Project:                 Design, facilitation and management of a workshop for directors of the Near and

                             Middle East Division of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) on

                             a review of their rural water strategy. Core issues included water demand

                             management, use of treated wastewater in agriculture, use of brackish (ground)

                             water for irrigation and linkages to rural development.


Client:                   International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)


Country:               Italy


Period:                  5-8/2006


Services:               Project manager




Project:                  Rehabilitation of Urban Water Supply and Waste Water Systems in Bosnia-

                              Herzegovina (KfW). Main foci were: (i) billing and collection, (ii) unaccounted for

                              water, (iii) tariffs. Extensive consultations were held within the framework of this

                              project with local authorities, civil society groups and private sector.


Client:                   SachsenWasser/KfW Development Bank


Country:                Bosnia-Herzegovina


Period:                  3/2008 – 12/2009 


Services:             - Coordination of inputs of international and local consultants;


   - Liaison with the clients;


        - Inputs on water supply utility management;


   - Reporting;


        - Facilitation of workshops.