CarboWet Foundation (www.carbowet.com)  is a foundation (NGO) established in The Netherlands. The main aim of the work of CarboWet is to develop a methodology to assess storage (sequestration) of greenhouse gases in Wetlands. Once this methodology has been developed CarboWet will act as a broker to sell the credits generated, and to ensure that the monies flow back to conservation/rehabilitation of the wetlands. 

Recent studies show that wetlands are, quite simply, champions at carbon storage (the best of these being saltwater marshes due to higher levels of naturally-occurring sulphates); however, this also often implies that their degradation results in the release of large amounts of methane. As such, restoration of these wetlands serves multiple purposes, including improved biodiversity conservation and ecological functioning, and enhancing the available much-needed ecosystem services and benefits (such as flood prevention, carbon sequestration and provision for traditional medicines and food), as well as the opportunity for the management of these systems to be self-financing through the sale of carbon credits, thereby ensuring long-term sustainability. 

CarboWet has been established in close cooperation with SaafConsult. We have invested in CarboWet through our RENEW Fund. SaafConsult has signed a cooperation agreement with CarboWet, to ensure that the company is able to recoup its investment. Once these investments have been recouped the methodology developed by CarboWet will be made available to all interested parties through a licensing system. The main interest of SaafConsult in CarboWet is the ecosystem valuation function of certified carbon trading. We strongly believe that an economic allocation of water resources can greatly enhance water use efficiency in water scarce regions. One ramification of this is the valuation of ecosystem services provided by wetlands.


Friends of the Earth Middle East together with the CarboWet Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 23 March 2013. The MoU details the cooperation between the two organisations to offer carbon offsetting in the Sharhabil bin Hassneh Eco Park in the Jordan Valley. The CW/FoEME Carbon Offsetting Mechanism (CW/FoEME.COM) is available for public and private organisations from all countries. The first company that will donate funds to the mechanisms to offset its carbon emissions will be SaafConsult B.V. Funds will be used for afforestation and reforestation as well as broader watershed protection. This is a UNIQUE opportunity for organisations that take carbon offset seriously, and we invite all to contribute to this work. 


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