Team SaafConsult B.V.



Ele Jan Saaf

Managing Director, Director Water Resources



Ele Jan is a senior sustainable development and water management consultant, and experienced project manager. An IWRM expert who has worked on national and international programmes in the water resources river basin management sectors, including water for agriculture, nature, ecosystem management and related issues. An experienced team leader who has worked closely with line ministries, public utilities, local governments, NGOs and water user associations on both long and short term assignments. His main field of experience covers: project/programme management, policy development/sector work (integrated water resource management for nature, agriculture, energy and climate change, transboundary river basin management and water supply and sanitation, water governance and dialogues), (water) ecosystem valuations, environmental flows, wetlands and river basin management, institutional development, training/awareness/capacity building, public sector administration and process management, monitoring and evaluation.



Katarzyna (Kate) Czaplicka, PhD

Partner and Expert


Kate’s current professional status is the culmination of much experience gained in different but complimentary areas – research, consulting and management. Her university education up to PhD level as well as first job were focused on agribusiness, rural policy and livelihoods. Her first post-doctoral position was with the Institute of Developing Countries where she gained an extensive knowledge in development theory, focusing on sub-Saharan Africa socio-economic development and ODA issues. This shifted her into a consultancy – initially for Polish development institutions and international ones later. In 2008 she set up a first Polish think-tank dealing with development issues and for the next seven years she had been leading a team of interdisciplinary researchers and experts being responsible for different aspects of the projects: research designing, funding and budget management, establishing partnerships, networking, etc. This gave her strong experience in project management and opportunity to work in different environments – with public administration, international organizations, NGOs, private companies, universities and research institutions and, as a consequence, to build good professional network across Europe and Africa.

She has joined SaafConsult in September 2015 as a Partner and Expert in the area of micro and small business, rural development and livelihoods as well as development policy.




Hajem Halaseh

Country Representative of Saafconsult Levant



Hajem has more than 30 years in the management of non-profit organizations and management of local development programs, providing technical and administrative assistance and training at local and regional level. He is an expert in the field of water management and fish farming. Contributed to the development of innovative and effective approaches to a wide range of infrastructure and social and physical infrastructure projects and supervise financial affairs of several local development projects within the framework of international standards. He served as director of several projects in fish farming and director of Near East Foundation in Jordan. Currently chairman and partner in New Development and Motivators for training. He represents several international organizations, including the Egyptian Center for Development Services (CDS) and Dutch Saafconsult. Holds a Master of Engineering in fish farming from Galati, Romania (1981). He attended a variety international conferences and training courses in the field of local development, environment and water in Jordan, United States and the Netherlands.



Vincent van Haaren

WASH Consultant


Vincent van Haaren holds a Master’s degree (Institutional and Organisational Development) at the Free University of Amsterdam and he completed several technical WASH modules specific for the developing world. Vincent has over 9 years national (Netherlands) and international (Africa and Asia) experience in WASHand IWRM programme management, including monitoring and evaluation, fundraising (with UN-organisations and national governments) and in the development of water interventions and implementation strategies. Additionally, he is dedicated to his field of work and hasexcellent communication and writing skills. 














Marielouise Slettenhaar-Ket
Environmental and M&E Expert


Marielouise is an expert in the fields of environmental resources and monitoring & evaluation. Experienced in environmental management, nature conservation and good governance, she has worked and lived in conflict-affected regions, such as the Democratic Republic of Congo and Pakistan. Marielouise has worked with a wide array of organisations such as GIZ (German Development Cooperation), the Congolese Ministry of Environment, the European Commission and the Netherlands government. She holds a Master’s Degree in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam and a Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Management from SOAS, University of London. Her strengths lie in strategic planning, monitoring & evaluation, donor coordination, capacity building, technical advisory and policy development.


Jędrzej Witkowski , Ph. D.
Business Development Specialist, Expert

Jedrzej holds a Master's Degree in International Relations from Warsaw University and a Ph.D. in sociology from the Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities. He is an experienced project and portfolio manager. He has been involved with a number of public and private organizations in the field of education in Poland, including Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Centre for Education Development, Global Development Research Group, Education for Democracy Foundation. Moreover, Jedrzej delivers capacity building activities for teachers, representatives of NGOs and public administration. He conducts research in the field of public policies, participation and multi-stakeholder approaches for both public and private institutions. His focus areas include: education and training, education policies, civic dialogue, civic engagement, research, public policy, project management.