Water Supply & Sanitation


SaafConsult actively assists urban water utilities and rural water service providers with institutional, organizational and climate change aspects of the provision of potable water and sanitation. Issues dealt with include decentralization of water provision, cost recovery, finance, organizational structuring, institutional embedding, training, evaluations, policy and project management.


We are a firm believer in the need and effectiveness of appropriate water services pricing. Valuing of water results in a rational allocation process based upon socio-economic considerations. In light of the increase in demand in most developing countries, water demand management is crucial to be able to meet this demand. This does not however legitimise exclusion of the poorest segments of society, for whom full water pricing may be beyond their financial reach. Valuing of water also contributes to water demand management within systems. This is where the link between water resources management and water supply and sanitation should be made.



A selection of recent key projects is:



Project:               GOAL Framework Consultancy for Country Programme WASH Evaluations and

                            Assessment against Global WASH Aims and Priorities


Client:                 GOAL


Countries:           Global


Period:                2015 - 2017


Services:             Provision of evaluation services for evaluations of WASH projects in 15 different countries




Project:                Research on the financial and institutional sustainability of Community-

                            Based Organisations managing WASH facilities in Low-Income Areas in Dhaka


Client:                  Vitens Evides International


Country:               May - September 2015


Services:              Action research on the financial and institutional sustainability of the

                             WASH interventions in the two Dhamalkot projects in low-income areas

                             in Dhaka




Project:                Support to WASH sector in Bangladesh:

                             1) Water Operator Partnership (WOP) Dhaka WASA-Vitens Evides International

                             2) Development of the Strategy for the Bangladesh WASH Alliance post 2015

                             3) External evaluation of PSTC: Promoting Enviromental Health for Rural school and

                             community, Bangladesh


Client:                  Simavi


Country:               Bangladesh


Period:                 May 2014 - August 2015


Services:             Support to the WASH sector in Bangladesh consisted of two sub projects, both

                            implemented by Saafconsult. (i) Support to the Dhaka Water and Sewerage Authority/

                            Vitens Evides International Water Operators Partnership to develop project proposals for

                            investments in urban slums on Dhaka, and (ii) Support to the Bangladesh Water Alliance

                            (BWA) for the development of a strategy for the next phase of alliance.




Project:               Sectoral Evaluation, based on four projects of the Czech Development Cooperation in

                           WASH sector in Ethiopia


Client:                 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Czech Republic


Country:              Ethiopia


Period:                April - October 2014


Services:             Evaluation of four projects in the WASH sector in Ethiopia




Project:                Final Performance Evaluation of Water Hygiene Sanitation Transformation for Enhanced

                            Resiliency in Ethiopia


Client:                 USAID


Country:              Ethiopia


Period:                January 2014- March 2014


Services:             Project management and evaluation services




Project:               End of Project Evaluation of the " Integrated Emergency Support to Populations Affected

                            by the Syria Crisis" project


Client:                 World Vision


Period:                July - August 2014


Services:             Evaluation included conducting focus group meetings and 620 household surveys for

                            refugees in both countries




Project:                Ex-ante evaluation of the Ghana Netherlands WASH Programme


Client:                  Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Ghana


Country:              Ghana


Period:                 March 2013 - May 2013


Services:             Short-term expert with specific expertise in integrated water resources management for

                            the Ex-ante evaluation of the Ghana Netherlands Water Programme.




Project:                Water and Sanitation Project Evaluations’ Review and Synthesis


Client:                   African Development Bank


Country:               Africa


Period:                 September 2012 – January 2013


Services:              Contribute to the on-going reflection within the African Development Bank on quality  

                             water and sanitation project design and implementation for better development results on

                             the ground in order to reinforce the effectiveness of the Bank’s Management and Water

                             and Sanitation Department.




Project:                Final evaluation of the project: The Programme Management Unit (PMU) of the Greater

                            Amman Water Sector Improvement Programme (GAWSIP)


Client:                  The European Commission Delegation to Jordan.


Country:              Jordan


Period:                 September 2012 – October 2012


Services:              Final evaluation of the project




Project:                Planning of Completion Phase for the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project in  

                            Western Nepal


Client:                  Finnish Consulting Group


Country:               Nepal


Period:                 August - September 2012


Services:              International Climate Sustainability and Ecosystem Based Natural Resources

                            Management Adviser