Water Resources Management


The core business of SaafConsult is Water Resources Management. We are specialised in the following topics:


Water and Nature: ecosystem valuations, payment for environmental (water) services, wetlands, watershed and ecosystem management.


Water and Peace: transboundary water management (aquifers, rivers, lakes, etc.), water sharing agreements, negotiations and treaties on water.


Water and Climate Change: adaptation and mitigation strategies and policies for water projects and interventions. 


Water and Sustainable Development: integrated river basin management, integrated water resources management, water for production and energy, water for rural development and agriculture, participatory irrigation management, water for tourism.


A selection of recent key projects is:


Project:                                  Review of the Integrated Water Resources Management Policy of the African

                                              Development Bank


Client:                                    African Development Bank


Country:                                 Africa (Uganda, Botswana, Morocco, Niger, DRC, Cote d'Ivoire)


Period:                                   April 2014 - June 2015


Services:                               (i) Desk research, (ii) Internal consultations, (iii) Dialogue with Regional Member Countries

                                              (iv) Revision of the policy, (v) Drafting of a water resources management policy for the





Project:                                  Design of a Regional Civil Society Strategy and Fund for The South Asia Water

                                              Goverance Programme (SAWGP).


Client:                                    DFID


Country:                                 South Asia


Period:                                   November 2013 - January 2014


Services:                                Provision of an integrated water resources devemoplemt expert




Client:                                    DFID


Project:                                  Final Evaluation of the Institutional Support and Strengthening Program ( ISSP)


Client:                                    USAID


Country:                                 Jordan


Period:                                   September - November 2013


Services:                                Provision of a Water Sector Restructuring and Development expert to assess the

                                               success of the Institutional Support and Strengthening Program (ISSP)




Project:                                   Land Improvement Project


Client                                      Asian Development Bank / Rural Restructuring Agency and Uzbeki Ministry of

                                               Agriculture and Water rescource


Country:                                  Uzbekistan


Period:                                    September 2010 - March 2013, November 2013


Services:                                 The project aims to support efforts to halt land degradation and improve the ameliorative

                                                condition of land, ensure sustainable development of agriculture on irrigated lands, and

                                                improve effective use of water and land resources




Project:                                    Integrated Water Resources Management quality at entry review and Country Strategic  

                                                Programme review.


Client:                                     African Development Bank


Country:                                  Africa/home based


Period:                                    January – May 2012


Services:                                 Development of analytical framework and review




Project:                                    Economic valuation of a rehabilitated Lower Jordan River


Client:                                      Friends of the Earth Middle East


Country:                                  Jordan


Period:                                    November 2011 – December 2012


Services:                                 Economic valuation of the Jordanian side





Project:                                   Water for Production: Review of recent implementation experience and identification of

                                               strategic options to support the WfP subsector as a component of the planned Joint

                                               Water and Environment Sector Support Programme (JWESSP 2013-18)


Client:                                     Austrian Development Agency


Country:                                  Uganda


Period:                                    November 2011 – January 2012


Services:                                Technical assistance on water for production