Renewable Energy and Investments

Environmental degradation and unsustainable use of natural resources has led to severe constraints on development. While in economic terms the impact of a degrading environment on economic growth has not been fully integrated into planning and modelling of national or regional authorities, the brunt of it tends to be felt most acutely at grassroots level. Therefore, most major international financing institutions (IFIs), development organisations and corporate entities are starting to seriously account for the cost of environmental degradation in their policies.


Even in countries where overall development and poverty alleviation are the overarching priorities, the importance of inclusion of environmental parameters in dealing with these priorities is becoming self-evident.


Regrettably, in many cases, investments in projects and ventures that contribute meaningfully to the sustainable use of natural resources are impeded by access to financial instruments and support. Treatment of water, renewable energy, tradable resource rights, organic agriculture and environmental services are often not seen as commercially reliable areas for investments.


To address the three parameters of sustainable development—economic, social and environmental security— SaafInvest has created the RENEW Fund, which aims to provide the impetus needed to promote and sustain investments in the environmental sector at a modest scale.