Middle East & Africa

Project                  Institutional Support for the Water Sector for the Creation of a National Communication                                    

                             Plan and Strategy


Client                    European Commission


Country                 Egypt


Period                   Jan 2015 – Jan 2016


Services                Developing strategies and communication campaigns to enable the Egyptian Water

                              Regulatory Authority to address water conservation at the consumer level and to

                              strengthen its position in the sector



Project:                 Enhancing Sustainable Groundwater Management in an Arid Area by the Application                                of Real-Time and High Temporal monitoring Schemes (AWSA Well Field in Azraq)


Client                    Egis Eau


Country                Jordan


Period                  Sept 2014 – Jan 2017


Services               Providing technical inputs and contributing to the deliverables of the project.




Project:                 Platforma Mashrek Seminar


Client:                   The Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)


Country:               Jordan


Period:                  August – September 2014


Services:              Logistic Support




Project:                End of Project Evaluation of the “Integrated Emergency Support                                                

                            to  Populations Affected by the Syria Crisis” project


Client:                  World Vision


Country:              Jordan and Lebanon


Period:                July – August 2014


Services:             Evaluation included conducting focus group meeting and 620

                            household surveys for refugees in both countries




Project:                 Water and Environmental specialist for Jordan Country Level evaluation


Client:                   GFA on behalf of EC


Country:                Jordan


Period:                  June – September 2014


Services:              Evaluation of Water and Environmental specialist




Project                  Review of the Integrated Water Resources Management Policy of the

                             African Development Bank 


Client:                   African Development Bank


Country:                Africa (Uganda, Botswana, Morocco, Niger, DRC, Cote d’Ivoire)


Period:                  April – October 2014


Services:               Project management and implementation. 






Project:                  WASH Evaluation  



 Client:                   Ministry of Foreign Affairs Czech Republic



 Country:                Ethiopia



 Period:                  April - October 2014



 Services:              Sectoral Evaluation, based on four projects in the WASH sector in Ethiopia





 Project:                National Water Management System in the Palestinian  


                             Autonomous Territories - MYWAS



 Client:                  Ministry of Foregn Affairs 



 Country:               Palestinian Territories



 Period:                 April - September 2014  



 Services:              Evaluation of the Water Management projects







 Project:                 Reform in the water sector of the Iraq Public Sector Modernisation Programme     



 Client:                   UN-HABITAT



 Country:                Iraq      



 Period:                  April 2014



 Services:               Provision of a technical expert







 Project:                  Social, Ecological and Agricultural Resilience in the face of Climate Change (SEARCH)

                               Project  Evaluation       



 Client:                    IUCN   



 Country:                Jordan, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt and the occupied Palestinian Territories    



 Period:                   March 2014 - June 2014



 Services:               Final evaluation of the SEARCH Project. This evaluation aimed at analyzing the

                               activities and results of the SEARCH Project







 Project:                 Revision of the IWRM Policy of the African Development Bank    


 Client:                   African Development Bank


 Country:                Regionally   


 Period:                  April - June 2014 


 Services:              To assess the regional and global context as well as the new and emerging challenges 

                              in relation to water in order to revise the framework within which it will provide effective

                              support to its Regional Member Countries







 Project:                Study on the water-energy-food Security nexus in Egypt      


 Client:                  GIZ


 Country:               Egypt      


 Period:                 March – August 2014  


 Services:              Provision of a team leader







 Project:                 Enhancing Sustainable Groundwater Management In An Arid Area


 Client:                   Ministry of Water and Irrigation Jordan


 Country:                Jordan         


 Period:                  2014-2016     


 Services:               Provision of hydrologist, training and local project management     







 Project:                   Final Performance Evaluation of Water Hygiene Sanitation Transformation for

                                Enhanced Resiliency in Ethiopia      


 Client:                     USAID     


 Country:                  Ethiopia


 Period:                    January 2014 – March 2014       


 Services:                 Evaluation of Water hygiene sanitation Transformation project or USAID     







 Project:                    Support the Project Cycle Management training for emerging development 

                                 cooperation providers in Turkey


  Client:                     UNDP    


  Country:                  Turkey    


  Period:                    Starting March 2014    


  Services:                 Provision of a resource person for capacity building activities for emerging


                                  development cooperation providers in Turkey







  Project:                    Nature Driven Tourism Assessment    


  Client:                      USAID


  Country:                   Jordan


  Period:                     Starting February 2014


  Services:                  Providing technical information within the scope of Management of cultural and

                                   environmental resources, Assessment of the institutional capacity of RSCN and its

                                   relationship with USAID, and the Jordan Parks Programs








  Project:                     Adoption of communication and best management practices in hotels and office  

                                   buildings-Amman,  Dead Sea, Wadi Musa and Aqaba.   


  Client:                       Ecodit/USAID


  Country:                    Jordan


  Period:                      November 2013 – May 2014


  Services:                   Project management and development of the monitoring tool








  Project:                     Preparing and developing TORs for a Micro-PSP for the Water

                                   Administration of Zarqa


  Client:                       Dorsch Consultants GmbH


  Country:                    Jordan


  Period:                      November 2013


  Services:                  Support in developing and selecting a suitable project scope in

                                   project development and in the tendering of PSP services for Zarqa








   Project:                   Preparation of a financial cost-benefit analysis of a pilot grey-water

                                  re-use system in Jordan, West Bank and Israel


   Client:                     Arava Intstitute for Environmental Studies (AIES)



   Country:                 Jordan, West Bank and Israel



   Period:                   October-November 2013



   Services:                Prepare a financial cost-benefit analysis of the proposed grey-water

                                  re-use system and prepare a financial and technological comparison

                                  between the grey-water treatment technology of PWEG and the

                                 “constructed wetlands” grey-water treatment technology.







    Project:                 Provision of a Water Sector Restructuring and Development expert

                                 for the Final Evaluation of the Institutional Support and

                                 Strengthening Program (ISSP)



     Client:                  USAID