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To truly effect change in this modern world - where technological leaps and economic woes drive globalisation, and with the recognition of the interconnected nature of reality - consultancy revolves around KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM. To be able to advise, guide, facilitate and support, we have the KNOWLEDGE to know what can be done and the WISDOM combined with experience to know what should be done.


SAAFCONSULT is a niche firm, which is at the forefront of development consultancy. We work with a broad range of actors to achieve results that are useful and practical to the client. Our main fields of work are:


• Water Resources Management for nature, peace, climate change and development;

• Institutional and Policy aspects of Water Supply and Sanitation;

• Renewable Energy and Investments 



As a niche firm we are also specialised in evaluations, reviews and monitoring. Through the use of tools such as the “R” language for enhanced visualisation of findings, AKVO Flow for surveying and our cooperation with International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) we are at the cutting edge of tool development, application and optimisation of data management for monitoring and evaluation.


Our work model is one of cooperation and sharing. We work and partner with a large variety of international and national civil society organisations from across the globe to optimise our services and strengthen our commercial activities.


Our team is a carefully selected group of experts of all ages that complement one another and provide the mix of seniority and daring that we require to keep on innovating and adapting.

SaafConsult has a geographical focus on the Middle-East-North-Africa region as well as South and Central Asia. Our consultants are intimately familiar with the socio-cultural and economic conditions in these countries, and have broad experience with projects in these regions. To this end we have established a branch office in Amman, Jordan (SaafConsult Levant) to ensure a continuous presence in the region and to cater to customer requests.


The mission statement of Saafconsult is, “To provide consultancy, project management and investments to projects, organizations and funds that contribute to sustainable use of natural resources in developing countries and countries in transition.”




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