SAAFCONSULT is a niche firm, which is at the forefront of development consultancy. We work with a broad range of actors to achieve results that are useful and practical to the client. Our main fields of work are:

  • Water and peace
  • Water, livelihoods and climate change
  • Water and nature
  • Water supply and sanitation

Our work model is one of cooperation and sharing. We work and partner with a large variety of international and national civil society organisations from across the globe to optimise our services and strengthen our commercial activities.

SaafConsult B.V. was established in 2005 in Eindhoven, and currently has its headquarters in The Hague, the Netherlands.

We have a geographical focus on the Middle-East-North-Africa region as well as South and Central Asia. For countries or regions where SaafConsult does not have primary expertise, we associate with partner firms and organisations to ensure optimal service delivery.

Mission Statement: To provide consultancy, project management and investments to projects, organizations and funds that contribute to the sustainable use of natural resources in developing countries and countries in transition.


Our team is a carefully selected group of experts of all ages that complement one another and provide the right mix of seniority and daring that we require to keep on innovating and adapting.

Apart from our in-house experts SaafConsult cooperates with a wide range of international as well as national professionals who specialize in: micro and macroeconomics; public finance; infrastructure development; urban planning; transportation; public policy management; waste management; procurement procedures; regional development; human rights and gender issues; resettlement and many other issues.

Ele Jan Saaf

Managing Director and Senior Expert

Focus areas: sustainable development; water resources management for nature, agriculture, energy and climate change; river basin management; water supply and sanitation; ecosystem valuations; project management; monitoring & evaluation.

Sarah Scholten

Intern Land and Water Management

Intern at SaafConsult focussing on water resources management.

Hajem Halaseh

Country Representative of Levant

Focus areas: water management, fish farming, social and physical infrastructure, local and regional.

Florian Eppink

Associate Expert

Focus areas: Florian is an economist with over 15 years of research and consultancy experience. He has worked on interdisciplinary land use modelling, GIS-based assessments, cost-benefit analyses, experimental and household surveys, and econometric models.

Keith Cornish

Associate Expert

Focus areas: financial management, access to finance for SMEs, fiduciary risk assessments, policies and procedures relating to accounting, audit, procurement and internal control relating to budgetary support; particular experience in infrastructure, education and compliance with regulatory oversight.

Joke van Dijk

Associate Expert

Focus Areas: Mrs Van Dijk is a senior water (governance) expert with more than 25 years of experience in advising water management authorities. In the past 10 years, she has served as Team Leader of various international projects to assist water authorities in developing water strategies and policies.

Eef Leeuw

Associate Expert

Focus Areas: Process engineering (waste)water and sludge, project management WWTPs (physico-chemical, biological also in Nereda-process), water reuse, procurement, introducing innovative technologies (testing, business support, first applications), development of modular wastewater process units, process selection waste water and sludge treatment, process design municipal and industrial waste water treatment, nutrient recovery, water reuse, energy optimization in water treatment, sludge digestion, biogas, sludge dewatering, phosphorous removal; policy/investment plans for waterboards; member of European Innovation Partnership on Water (boosting water innovation by business support; commercialization), business support Netherlands to Asia.

Sarah Straatsma

Junior consultant water management

Junior Consultant specialized in water and environment at SaafConsult.